Why Any Business Can Benefit From A Comprehensive Analysis?

By Dan Kurth / June 13, 2016 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

The human brain signals us to feel thirsty when our body is dehydrated. It is a mechanism that keeps us from becoming dangerously dehydrated and experiencing serious health problems. Business owners typically do not ask for outside help unless their business is in trouble or in transition. Like feeling thirsty, when problems get to a point where they are very noticeable to employees or owners, they may have progressed to where they have damaged other parts of the business, sometimes in a way that is unrecoverable. This is common in businesses where the owners “semi-retire” and still have ownership, but have taken their eyes off of the day to day operations of the business.

A comprehensive analysis of the business’s current situation reveals things that have been negatively effecting the business for a long period of time, as well as things that will likely have negative effects in the future. The current condition of the business becomes very clear and understandable once all of the facts are on the table. Trying to solve problems or developing solutions for a business without having a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the business is like a doctor who is not all that interested in your history or your future, but prescribes medication, surgery or rehab to “fix your problems”. If your doctor does not have an interest in learning those things about you, or if you do not trust your doctor enough to be totally honest, you can expect a less than successful result.

Some people simply do not want an honest assessment of their business, while others are rightfully skeptical as to what an “outsider” can tell them that they do not already know. If someone avoids conversations about their own mortality, does that mean that they will live forever? If you never go to the doctor or have regular physicals, does this mean that you must not be sick? The other side of this equation is the business owner who listens to everyone and takes all of their advice. I have two rules. 1.) If you are listening to everyone, then you are not really listening to anyone. 2.) If you have people that you trust, and they are able to be open and honest with you, then keep them. The fact of the matter is that many business owners become an island, where they really have no one in their life who they either trust to be fully honest or who really understands their situation.

The Legacy Alpha comprehensive business analysis is specifically designed to gather vital information about the business in order for our Business Specialists to truly be an objective third party. Although it works every time we take a business through the process, it is not for everyone. I often get comments from business owners like “why didn’t I meet you ten years ago?” or “I wish I would have done this sooner”. The reality is that the comprehensive business analysis is very powerful, but not every business owner is prepared to hear what we have to say once the analysis is complete. Again, businesses in trouble or transition become our typical clients. Those businesses are forced to do something different.

The Legacy Alpha program has three distinctly different services: analysis, planning and education/mentoring. We don’t require long term commitments, retainers or contracts. Instead, you don’t write us a check until you can honestly say that you got the benefit that you were expecting from our services. We are that confident in what we do and the impact of our process on your business.

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