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The Legαcy Alpha program is a unique service that helps any business leverage the skills and abilities of its key employees, professional services and its position in the marketplace to turn the business into a financial asset and ultimately achieve everlasting business performance. All success and failure in business happens for a reason. We identify the reason or reasons for both and determine the historical, short and long term impact of the defined problems. Understanding that no person in any business will live forever, we develop a plan for the business that focuses on functions and processes designed to achieve maximum owner return and a controllable business value. Our Senior Executives work on-site at client locations as long and as frequently as needed to turn the business into a self-sustainable financial asset with a defined and marketable value. Every business has a story and every story is different. We have heard hundreds of business stories, but the one we are most interested in is yours, from start-up to generational transition and every stage in between.

Dan Kurth

President/CEO – Minnesota Corporate Headquarters
Dan Kurth started Human Performance, LLC after twenty five years working with small to medium sized businesses and their owners to help them analyze business problems, define the cost of those problems, prioritize them in order of importance, create a plan to solve the problems and develop financial strategies to help the business owner invest the resulting profits.

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Dan and his wife Julie live in New Ulm, Minnesota and have three children, Allison (Robert), Erin (Ben) and Colin, as well as three grandsons, Tyler, Albie and Hudson.

The Legαcy Alpha program was developed by Human Performance, LLC leveraging 25 years of experience in management, management consulting and business financial advice. Our staff has personally analyzed and consulted with over 1,100 small to medium sized businesses in 43 states in the continental United States and several provinces of Canada. That experience base gives us the insight to help owners define solutions and solve problems for businesses at any stage from start-up to generational transition or outright sale.

We also collaborate with business professionals with expertise in financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, sales, insurance protection, management consulting and finance to develop businesses into financial assets that can be transitioned, grown or simply developed for maximum value and potential.

You can contact Dan at 612.213.2888, by email : LinkedIn:

Kevin Holley

Senior Business Specialist – Ohio Office
As a seasoned Operations Executive in Manufacturing, OEM & Tier 1 & 2, Food & Beverage, Government, Non-Profits and Distribution, Kevin is highly versed in all aspects of business, from financial and strategic planning to operations and management. With 25 years’ experience, Kevin has transferable leadership and mentoring skills across multiple business environments including union and non-union entities.

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Kevin has a strong background in Manufacturing, Traditional, Business Unit and Matrix organizations and is Six Sigma & Lean (Green Belt) certified. He has applied his organizational skills to every aspect of business including environmental health & safety, quality assurance, quality control, OSHA, ISO, HR, employee development, finance, budgets, direct and indirect resources, production, maintenance, IT, engineering, material sourcing and supply chain management. Kevin has worked with start-ups and new businesses, new product development and new facility launches, as well as organization re-structuring. He is also adept with metrics and tools such as Six Sigma, Lean, 5s, Kaizen and other Key Performance Indicators.


Kevin brings to the Legαcy Alpha team the ability to leverage his operations experience, talents and certifications to deliver top and bottom line results, which drive improvements despite economic adversity or market fluctuation. Kevin is a collaborative change agent and hands-on leader that sets strategic plans and direction. A developer of short and long-term plans that reap significant top and bottom line rewards, driving for results and performance by ensuring the appropriate processes, policies, training, tools, certifications, development and talent are in place. Kevin is a respected, lead-by-example professional whose passion is building teams that deliver superior results.

You can contact Kevin at 708.516.5255, by email:kevinholley@legacyalpha.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinholley3/

Shari Pumper

Business Financial Specialist – Minnesota Office
As a Financial Specialist proficient in QuickBooks and other accounting programs, Shari brings to the Legacy Alpha team the ability to help our clients establish financial tools and controls that are simple to use and easy to understand. She works out of the Minnesota office, but is able to successfully work with clients remotely to define and fix problems.  She also helps clients establish data input and reporting methods that are efficient and make sense to the user.  Shari supports the Legacy Alpha team by making complex bookkeeping issues more streamlined and useful for business owners and their key employees. She is a key part of our ability to facilitate effective change in a way that makes sense to everyone involved.

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Shari can be contacted through the corporate office at: (612) 213-2888 or by email: sharipumper@legacyalpha.com

Susan Seese

Senior Business Specialist – Pennsylvania Office
Susan Seese has been an international financial and business analyst for twelve years.  Prior to her experience in the management consulting profession, Susan worked in the mortgage banking industry for thirty years as a Sr. Vice President/National Sales Manager, building 120 offices coast to coast.  Susan is a trainer, mentor and advocate for businesses and their owners.  She has owned a number of her own businesses in finance, real estate and consulting.  She joins the Legacy Alpha team after having consulted with over 1,000 small to medium sized businesses in the United States and Canada.  Susan is a trained facilitator and motivational force who gets results.

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Susan can be contacted through the corporate office at: (612) 213-2888 or by email: susanseese@legacyalpha.com