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What is your business worth? Who are your key employees? How do you take your business to the next level or transition it to the next generation? A comprehensive business analysis leaves no….


Identifying problems may be the first step toward solving them, but it is not a solution or a plan. Just as the analysis is a clear indication of where you are, the planning process is the development….


Identifying problems and planning to solve them will accomplish nothing without action. From educating your bookkeeper on more effective ways to report your financial information to teaching the next….

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All business problems are financial, either immediately or eventually. I once worked with a business owner who reluctantly brought me in to analyze his problems, even though he did not feel like he had any. In the first few minutes of our initial meeting I told him that rarely had I found a business problem […]


One of the most valuable lessons we can learn in business is the rule of fixing problems where they exist. Too many businesses get themselves into financial trouble by fixing specific problems with general solutions. For example, they may have employees who are producing at a rate that is thirty percent lower than they were […]

How Millennial and Generation Z Culture Works for Small Business

How Millennial and Generation Z Culture Works for Small Business

Entering 2017, sixty percent of all small businesses in the United States will be owned or controlled by “Baby Boomers”, or people born from 1946 to 1964.  The generation behind them, the so called “Generation Xers”, are now in their late 30’s and 40’s and have comfortably settled into their careers.  New employees entering the workforce over the past fifteen […]

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Healthy Home worked with the Legacy Alpha team for more than a year. They worked seamlessly with my team to recast our financials into their proprietary system, and reorganized our QuickBooks system so that it easily produces quarterly and annual reports. Most notably, however, they never hesitated to jump in to address and solve issues, whether dealing with regulatory issues or complicated personnel situations that we just don’t normally deal with as a small, family run business.

Richard Bischoff, Healthy Home Healthy Home