Our Process

What We Do Is An Extension Of Who We Are

Our experienced team of senior level business and financial specialists combine tools that have been used to make companies successful for over 100 years with modern technology that positions your business for maximum performance, value and owner return.  Unlike other business services, our three step approach allows you to fully understand the need, the urgency and the benefit of making positive changes while engaging your key employees in the process.


What is your business worth? Who are your key employees? How do you take your business to the next level or transition it to the next generation? A comprehensive business analysis leaves no stone unturned. There are many things that have to come together to make a business work successfully, just as there are specific issues or activities that make businesses fail. The Legαcy Alpha team has worked directly in the comprehensive analysis of hundreds of businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Our analysis tools and methods give you, the business owner, a clear picture of not only problems, but what those problems are costing in a way that is simple to follow and easy to understand.


Identifying problems may be the first step toward solving them, but it is not a solution or a plan. Just as the analysis is a clear indication of where you are, the planning process is the development of a road map to get you to where you want to go. Business financial planning and budgeting, estate planning, protection planning, transition planning, employee benefits planning, tax planning, etc., all play an important role in the long term success of a business. But, are they all working together to achieve your ultimate goals? Legαcy Alpha planning begins with the end in mind and puts your business on track to help it reach your specific goals and desired outcomes.


Identifying problems and planning to solve them will accomplish nothing without action. From educating your bookkeeper on more effective ways to report your financial information to teaching the next generation how to control the business with simple tools, the Legαcy Alpha team solves problems by leveraging the skills and abilities of your employees first. If outside help is needed, we can make it available. The key is making the business as self‐sufficient as possible, thereby minimizing the use and expense of outside help. From the first day of our engagement with you, we strive to work ourselves out of a job and develop you as Master of the Enterprise. We consider that to be the ultimate success for our business model. Our process, including on-site business education, guides you through important decisions and puts you in full control of your own personal and business destiny.