Dan Kurth

Dan Kurth started Human Performance, LLC after twenty five years working with small to medium sized businesses and their owners to help them analyze business problems, define the cost of those problems, prioritize them in order of importance, create a plan to solve the problems and develop financial strategies to help the business owner invest the resulting profits. Dan has worked with hundreds of businesses, each with their own story and individual set of circumstances in virtually every industry and profession. Dan Kurth has a passion for small and medium sized businesses, seeing them as being the lifeblood of a strong economy.

Dan and his wife Julie live in New Ulm, Minnesota and have three children, Allison (Robert), Erin and Colin, as well as two grandsons, Tyler and Albie.

The Legαcy Alpha program was developed by Human Performance, LLC leveraging 25 years of experience in management, management consulting and business financial advice. Our staff has personally analyzed and consulted with over 1,100 small to medium sized businesses in 43 states in the continental United States and several provinces of Canada. That experience base gives us the insight to help owners define solutions and solve problems for businesses at any stage from start-up to generational transition or outright sale.

We also collaborate with business professionals with expertise in financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, sales, insurance protection, management consulting and finance to develop businesses into financial assets that can be transitioned, grown or simply developed for maximum value and potential.

You can contact Dan at 612.213.2888, by email : dankurth@legacyalpha.com At LinkedIn: Daniel Kurth